Georgetown Special Events Process

Tent, Canopy, Cooking and General Fire safety rules

General Tent and Canopy

All Tents, Canopies and other membrane structures cannot be within 20 of any lot line, building, parked or moving car or any internal combustion engine. Fire Code 2403.8.2

Fire Department access roads will be made available at all times during the event so emergency apparatus can have access to all buildings. Fire Code 503 and 2403.8.1.

Tents and Canopies must have at least one exit. If the occupancy load is more than 10, more exits shall be required and determined by the Fire Inspector. Fire Code 2403.12.2

All Tents as defined by the fire code and being used for a structure, shelter or fully enclosed shall have a Flame Retardant Certificate indicating the size of tent, type of fabric, and the chemical used to treat. This DOES NOT apply to canopies. Fire Code 2404.2. Be advised, the use of tents are rare and many more fire code rules apply.

Car storage is allowed for display purposes only if the battery is disconnected and there is less than 5 gallons of fuel. No fueling or defueling is ever allowed within a tent or canopy. Fire Code 2404.18

General Cooking

All food vendors shall have a current and passing inspection by the Williamson County and Cities Health District.
Cooking booths shall be separated by a minimum of 10. Fire Code 2403.8.2. This does not apply warming devices with no open flame or heat.

No open flame, heating, or cooking under a tent or canopy and must be done at least 10 from the canopy or tent. Fire Code mandates 20 but City of Georgetown will allow 10. Fire Code 2404.7 and 2404.15.6 and this includes Grease Laden Vapors.

Cooking and Heating shall NOT be located within 10 of an exit or combustible materials. Fire Code 2404.15.3
No storage of LP is allowed in any tent or canopy Fire Code 2404.16.2.1

Commercial Cooking done inside a trailer shall be required to have a Type I hood system that is UL300 or UL300A rated if using deep fat frying. Fire Code 610, 904.2.1 and 904.11. The code could require this for grilling as well but the City of Georgetown will only require if deep fat fryers. Hood systems should be inspected every 6 months Fire Code 904.11.6.4
Must have an approved 2A:10BC fire extinguisher for each canopy or tent and within 30 of the cooking area. Fire Code 904.11.5. If Vegetable or Animal fat is present, a Class K is required, Fire Code 904.11.5.

All gas, solid, or liquid fuel burning inside a trailer must be vented to the outside with an approved venting system and spark arrestor. Fire Code 2404.15.2

All cooking rules are subject to change depending upon local burn ban rules or a declaration of disaster by the County Judge.

General Fire and Safety

Helicopter or fixed wind aircraft are not allowed at any event unless there is a designated landing pad as defined by the Fire Code 1107

Protective mats or other approved means shall be placed over electrical cables on walkways.

Generators shall be at least 20 from any structure or canopy and not accessible to the public. Fire Code 2404.19

Flammable or Combustible liquids shall be at least 50 from all tents, canopies and structures. Fire Code 2404.17.2

Fire Extinguishers need to be secured or mounted for ease of access

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